About Aerogel Solution

Aerogel Solution offers customized insulation solutions made from aerogel for customers all over Europe.

We believe that insulation with aerogel holds a great potential for many companies across a variation of industries such as power-to-X, fuel cells, electronic and robots etc. It is our mission to share the knowledge about the benefits of aerogel and helping customers see and achieve this potential.

We offer counselling and production of customized aerogel insulation solutions made from Aerogel Beads, Aerogel Blankets, Aerogel Paper and moldable Aerogel Jelly.

A strong cooperation

Aerogel Solution is an industrial cooperation between the danish companies Skanacid A/S and Induflex A/S.

Being a leading company within insulation materials Skanacid A/S was looking for a business partner who could process the materials and turning the raw materials into customized insulation solutions.

Induflex A/S is a market leader within processing of many materials such as plastics, rubber, and various insulation materials.

The competencies and expertise of Skanacid and Induflex combined are an excellent match for the cooperation of Aerogel Solution. Skanacid possess all the knowledge about the materials, sourcing and applications and Induflex processes and customizes the aerogel solutions in accordance with the wishes and ideas from each customer. Together we ensure our customers high quality aerogel solutions made from supreme aerogel materials.

Kim Eriksen
Managing Director
+45 25 64 25 84

Skanacid A/S

Rasmus Hosbond
Sales Manager
+45 22 59 38 47

Induflex A/S

Production facilities of Aerogel Solution

The solutions from Aerogel Solution are carefully manufactured from high quality aerogel in the production facilities of Induflex, Denmark, ensuring the right quality for you.

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