Aerogel Jelly

The flexible aerogel with ultrahigh heat resistance

What is Aerogel Jelly?

Aerogel Jelly is an innovative product that can be molded into various shapes and structures.

Aerogel Jelly is a gel-like form of Aerogel. The jelly is, among others, made of silicon dioxide and E-glass fibers. The structure is gel-like until processing, where the gel can be molded into any desired form and shape without seams ensuring excellent insulation qualities.

Aerogel Jelly has relatively lower thermal conductivity and can be molded into insulation structures, with various thickness.

Aerogel Jelly applications

Due to the light weight and supreme insulation quality in extreme thermal conditions Aerogel Jelly is used for a wide range of application, such as:

  • Light weight thermal insulation products for the space and aviation industry
  • Insulation products for automobiles
  • Insulation products for electric products and electronics
  • Industrial insulation products for pipes, machineries, fuel cells etc. 


Aerogel Jelly physical properties

Solid content25 ∼ 35 %
Thermal Conductivity0.024 ∼ 0.028 W/m.k (at 25 oC)
Density300g ∼ 400 g/cm3
Surface ChemistryHydrophobic
Max. Use. temp.∼ 650 oC
Max. applicable temp.∼ 800 oC

Advantages of Aerogel Jelly

Aerogel Jelly has many advantages in comparison with other insulations materials.

  • Aerogel Jelly are more energy saving due to lower thermal conductivity
  • Aerogel Jelly can be molded to different products for various applications and is easily molded into any shapes.
  • Aerogel Jelly consists of only inorganic material, which ensures excellent fireproof and makes the product non-combustible without harmful gases.
  • Aerogel Jelly is light weight and high temperature resistant.
  • Aerogel Jelly is Hydrophobic and therefore prevents build-up of CUI.

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