Aerogel Beads

The versatile insulation beads

What are Aerogel Beads?

Aerogel Beads are made from nano porous silica aerogel. The beads have a high insulation performance and can be used for various applications up to 650 °C.

Aerogel Beads are reusable, safe for human and eco-friendly. Due to the superior property of the beads, they are an absolute choice for thermal insulation in industrial and general purposes.

Aerogel Beads applications

Due to the many benefits of Aerogel Beads, they are used for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Filler in pipelines with liquid natural gas (LNG) in tank ships
  • Production of soundproof insulation sheets
  • In filters and gas collectors
  • In capsulation with pulse code modulations (PCM)

Aerogel Beads physical properties

Particle Size Range0.1 ∼ 5 mm
Pore Diameter20 - 50 nm
Bulk Density100 ∼ 200 kg/m3
Surface ChemistryHydrophobic
Thermal Conductivity0.018 ∼ 0.02 W/m.k (at 25 °C)
Light Transmission40 ∼ 50 % /bead
Surface Area300 ∼ 500 m2/g

Advantages of Aerogel Beads

Aerogel Beads have several advantages, such as:

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance
  • Excellent oil absorption performance
  • High porosity
  • Transparency
  • Low density compared to volume
  • Soundproof effect

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