Aerogel Paper

The thin insulation sheet for extreme temperatures

What is Aerogel Paper?

Aerogel Paper is an aerogel based ultra-thin innovative insulation product in the form of a paper-sheet.

Aerogel Paper is produced from Aerogel Jelly, and has relatively lower thermal conductivity. It is a sole and innovative product from Aerogel Solutions. Aerogel Jelly can be rolled into thin paper as well as molded into any shape for various insulation related applications.

Aerogel Paper applications

Aerogel Paper is used for a wide range of applications, such as but not limited to:

  • Light weight insulation products for space and aviation
  • Light weight insulation products for automobiles
  • Batteries in the form of heat and flame protector
  • Insulation products for electronics and home appliances
  • Insulation products for industrial applications

Aerogel Paper physical properties

Thickness0.35 - 1 mm
Color (without film)White/Grey
Thermal Conductivity0.026 ∼ 0.035 W/m.k (at 25 °C)
Density350 ∼ 450 kg/m3
Max. Use. Temp∼ 650 °C
Surface ChemistryHydrophobic

Advantages of Aerogel Paper

  • Aerogel Paper has excellent thermal insulation – approximately between 2-8 times better than existing insulation products. This results in wide space for lowering product’s thickness and stability with longer lifetime.
  • Aerogel Paper has excellent physical and chemical stability due to silica and glass fiber being the main constituents. These constituents are highly stable and durable at acidic or alkaline mediums and to radiation or electromagnetic waves.
  • Aerogel Paper is hydrophobic.
  • Aerogel Paper is eco-friendly as silica is the major constituents of nature, ATIS is eco-friendly and unharmful for human and nature.
  • The sheets are non-dusty, has no smell and are stable even at higher temperatures.

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